Beaded Ribbon Necklace

Posted on April 1, 2011


We love Morex Ribbon-to-Bead because it is so easy to work with.  The ribbon has a wire needle attached, all you need to do is unroll the ribbon and slide on the beads.  Easy, peasy!

Designing with this ribbon can be as simple or as complex as you would like.  Some of the more simple designs are perfect for school age children, Girls Scout Troop projects, and after-school programs.

Today we are making a necklace using two rolls of Morex Ribbon-to-Bead Lavender Taffeta.

To begin completely unroll both spools and tie the ends together leaving about 6″ tails.

Next, thread a large eyed bead onto both wire needles.  Stagger the ribbon to back it easier to thread through the bead opening.

Then thread a large eyed bead onto each of the ribbon needles.

Continue the pattern.

Once you have your desired length just knot the end of the ribbon and trim the ribbon leaving 6″ tails.

Your necklace is ready to wear.

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