Decoupaging with Ribbon

Posted on March 28, 2011


Ribbon has so many uses it can even be used when decoupaging to add glam and fun to your home decor. We wanted to jazz up an unfinished wooden tray with a little ribbon art. Bowdabra Designers love ribbon and we are always looking for creative ways to showcase it.

We first began by painting an unfinished wooden tray in an acrylic gold paint.

Next, we chose several spools of sheer ribbons for our background! So many pretty Morex Sheer Ribbons it was tough at first to choose which colors we wanted.

We finally decided on some green and blue hues for an outside hills and clouds feel. We cut the ribbon into 1″ strips and using Mod Podge began to decoupage the ribbon onto the tray. We first spread Mod Podge all along the bottom of tray with a foam brush and then with a paint brush slowly started to press the sheer ribbon onto the tray and add another layer of Mod Podge.

Once the first layer was dry we added the next layer; gingham flowers. Yes, cute little gingham bobbin ribbon flowers. We first cut the ribbon to make the flower shapes.

Once the ribbon was cut we began to decoupage the flowers onto the tray.

We decoupaged four flowers onto the tray and then waited for it to dry.

We were so happy when it dried, too cute!

We couldn’t wait to add some jewelry to our new decoupaged ribbon tray.

Visit Crafters 4 Kids for a free step-by-step tutorial for painting a jewelry tray with homemade stencils.

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